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We would like to welcome our visitors to this site. We publish stories and photos of collector car projects. We are Classic Chevy enthusiasts (55,56,57), sometimes called Tri Five Chevys and this site will publish stories about these classics as well as other collector cars of note. We are active in the classic car community and will publish reviews of car shows in the Reno, NV area and N. California area as well.

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Hot August Nights synopsis - 2013
Interesting video
Amazing 1957 Classic Chevy

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Hot August Nights 2014 from a participant

A week of cars, Over 5500 Classics

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packing party

Hot August Nights - Day 1

Official start of HAN is Tuesday but on Monday HAN volunteers and members of the Klassic Kruisers car club have a fun time packing the goodie bags and folding T-shirts in preparation for start of registration at 8:00 AM on Tuesday. Participants starting lining up around 5:00AM bringing folding chairs and hot coffee. The first 4 hours is a literal zoo but we make it through. On Monday afternoon and evenening, both the Peppermill and Atlantis are open for the official Hot August nights kickoff party. Lots of neat cars and parking is at a premium. Had a nice dinner and met up with friends from San Jose

Click for pics of Peppermill kickoff

Hot August Nights - Day 2

This is first day of registration. As I am a HAN volunteer and like to hand out packets, I was busy for the first half of the day. Day started at 7:00AM and hardly had time to breathe until 12:30PM (no bathroom breaks). Just a continuous stream of participants but I enjoy it as I get to talk to the people as they register. One notable person was from Alaska and had a 1955 Chevy and YES he drove it all the way.

After leaving the registration area, it was time to wander the cars and vendors at the Grand Siearra Resort. We had lunch provided by HAN and afterwards headed for the Atlantis for the evening. We arrived in time for happy hour at the Napa Bistro and my favorite appetizer, Escargot (not for everyone).

Downtown Reno Show and shine

Hot August Nights - Day 3

Wednesday, no work today, all play. No rest for the wicked. Meet up with Klassic Kruisers at 7:00AM to cruise to downtown Reno for show and shine. Time to relax, shine the car and wander Virginia street which is blocked off from 1st to 6th streets. Had a nice breakfast at Silver Legacy and enjoyed the company of the Kruisers and other car enthusiasts. Later in the day, we packed up and moved to downtown Sparks Victorian square. We had VIP dinner tickets at the Nubbet and wanted a good spot for the car and to watch the cruise afterwards.

Sparks Show and Shine and Cruise

Found a perfect parking spot across from the Nugget entrance. We even had a second space next to us for Jim and Julia in their 1956 Chevy. After enjoying the cars along Victoria square, we joined up with friends for dinner at the Nugget. We had a half hour wait in line but I met up with Gene Dilbeck and some nice people from Denver. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Classic Chevy club and we exchanged contact information. From the website, this looks to be a great club. Afterwards it was time for the evening cruise from 7-10PM. Perfect day and lots of fun.

Thursday Poker Run and BBQ

Hot August Nights - Day 4

Thursday, no work today and it is Poker Run day and Swap meet day. The poker run is always a fun event starting at Summit racing to pick up our hand and the first card. Long lines so it was evident this was a popular evnet. Then off to the Atlantis for coffee and pastry and relaxation with friends from Fernley. There are 7 stops in all going from various stops in Reno and then to Gardnervill and Virginia City and back to Reno to turn in the hand. Did not win. We had a BBQ planned for Thur. afternoon and invited members of a newly formed club, "Over the Hill Gang" and other friends. A good time was had by all with plenty of Beer amd Margaritas and good food. Everbody liked the talking condiment dispenser I found at the Sacramento swap meet for a bargain price. We did not go to the cruise this night and it was a good thing as we moved our party inside when it started to sprinkle. This then turned into a downpour and we found out the cruise was cancelled due to thunder and lightning. This was the only bad weather day for the event but everyone survived. I did not make it to the Swap Meet as it has been a dissappointment in past years. Comments from people who went stated it was not worth the time. Even thought Tony Marini said revenues were up, only half the spaces were sold.

Auction day and Cruise night

Hot August Nights - Day 5

Friday is a day to cruise the venues and end up in Sparks in time to work the nightly cruise. Hard on the feet but is a front side seat to the cars. Started the day by touring the GSR parking lot looking at classics. Then over to the Atlantis to park and go the auction for the first time. Did not stay too long but did notice some bargains like a 2005 Chevrolet SSR with 51K miles for $14.5K. After leaving the auction, I wanted to do the "Ford drive and ride". What a thrill doing a hot lap in a new Ford BOSS.

Hot lap in Boss

You can see the video at

Then back to Victoria square to sign in for cruise control. We had control of the Oyster Bar crossing which nominally takes 6 people. One of my crew was lazy and did nothing the entire night so I effectively had only 4 1/2. We managed, however, and had a good time.

Saturday Show and Shine

Hot August Nights - Day 6

Saturday: Due to a problem at the timeshare, we had to pack up for home. After unpacking again we headed back to the Atlantis to meet up with Richard and John at the auction. Nominally Saturday morning is show and shine day. Cars are staged in Downtown Reno, at the GSR and downtown Sparks. They remain on display until 3PM during which time cars are selected as winners by local officials and dignitaries. The winning cars are the first in the parade on Sunday and are presented an award by the selecting official.

Sunday parade

Hot August Nights - Day 7

Sunday, last day. Parade starts at 10:00AM but participants start arriving at the staging area on the UNR campus starting at 5:00AM. Since we volunteered to help Mike Murray stage the parade, we were there by 6:30AM. Coffee and doughnuts provided by Doughboy Donuts in south Reno. Staging is very important as the cars have to be lined up in a particular in order to facilitate exiting in the same order as their arrival. Thanks to the experience of the staging committee the process went smoothly. Only a few drivers thought they knew better but we straightened them out. One amazing coincidence occured. I staged a 1934 unrestored Chevy sedan and the next car to come up was an identical model 1934 Chevy sedan all restored. The two owners did not know each other. See the pictures

For us this worked out well as we were done by 10:30 and able to join the parade with our friends. Enjoy the pictures and thanks to the HAN participants, all 5800 ot you. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. Bigger and better.

HAN cooldown party

After the parade, time to relax and then go to the Cooldown party for the volunteers. Fabulous lunch and drinks provided by HAN and Pinochio's restaurants. Time to meet up with fellow volunteers. Executive director, Tony Marini, spoke a few words of appreciation and said the event turned out very well give a number of changes made to the venues.

Amazing Restored 1957 Chevy Classic

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1957 chevy hardtop 1957 chevy hardtop 1957 chevy hardtop 1957 chevy hardtop

Hot August Nights 2013 featured the inaugural Barret-Jackson auction at this event. Always on the lookout for ourstanding classic chevys, we found this immaculate 1957 Chevy Sport Coupe up for sale (Lot 737). This black beauty was straight as an arrow as can be seen by the reflections in the body. It also sports a rare 270 horsepower dual quad engine which was only available with a 3-speed manual transmission. Chevrolet also offered a 245 HP dual quad engine which was available with optional automatic transmission. The 270 HP engine has a radical Duntov camshaft and solid lifters. This camshaft was not compatible with automatic transmissions of that era.

Having been a judge for the "trailered restored" class at CCI car shows, I can tell you without a doubt that this close to a perfect restoration of the original 1957 Chevy. In a CCI 1000 point system it would be 990+ points and a platinum car. The car has won numerous awards for best of show and best chevy. In talking to the owner who is from Portland Or. he told me the car orginally came from Canada. With the help of a former Chevrolet employee (Tom Trainor) from CCI he rebuilt this Chevy to original factory specs. Details are amazing. Correct paint for the splash pan which most people get wrong and the correct bolts for the voltage regulator (not repro) as well as the A-arm washers.

This was one of only 4 cars in the auction which had a reserve. It was questionable that the reserve would be met at auction. Bidding was fast and furious and eventually stalled at $100,000 which was the reserve so it went to a new owner. This car was a fine example of the quality cars at this HAN auction which has been lacking in the past with other auction companies. This is a high price for a 2 dr hardtop and more than another 1957 Chevy convertible fetched but it shows that buyers are willing to pay for quality.